Welcome to South Primary School


clip art of teacher
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/teacher conferences will be held this week.
We will have an early dismissal on Wednesday, September 19th
A regular scheduled day on Thursday, September 20th 
NO SCHOOL on Friday, September 21st


Get to know South School

Enjoy the link below for a short slide show about our school.
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Slide Show Link

Clip art school bell
Student can enter the building at 8:05
Tardy bell rings at 8:25
PLC Fridays Only
Student can enter the building at 9:35
Tardy bell rings at 9:55

School Lunch clip art
2nd grade eats at 11:20
1st grade eats at 11:30
Kindergarten eats at 11:40
PLC Fridays Only
2nd grade eats at 11:15
1st grade eats at 11:25
Kindergarten eats at 11:35

Lunch prices: student lunches are $2.75 each and adult lunches are $3.55 each. 
Coming to have lunch with your student? Please call and notify the office. If you want to order a school lunch you will need to call the office before 9am.
If you are bringing in outside food or drink, we ask that no peanuts or tree nut items are brought into the school.

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